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The mission of the Marine Corps University Library is to serve the students, faculty, and staff of the Marine Corps University as well as Marine Corps patrons throughout the world in their pursuit of excellence in academic and research projects.  The library acquires, identifies, accesses, organizes, publicizes, and disseminates research information resources with its broadly-based multi-disciplinary collection of books, serials, on-line databases, and other non-print media. 

Marine Corps History
     Marine Corps Lore (28K)
     Front Line Battle Doctrine (16K)
     Blacks In The Marine Corps (404K)
     Parris Island Recruit Depot (73K)
     San Diego Recruit Depot (68K)
  Regimental Histories
     The 1st Marines (120K)
     The 2nd Marines (111K)
     The 3rd Marines (106K)
     The 4th Marines (144K)
     The 9th Marines (76K)
     The 11th Marines (132K)
     Marine Corps Aviation (32K)
     USMC Aircraft, 1913-1965 (152K)
     The Barrier Forts (24K)
     Marines At Harper's Ferry (28K)
     The War with Spain (57K)
     Stand Gentlemen, He Served on Samar (19K)
     He Served on Samar: Hero or Butcher of Samar? (34K)
     Marines In Nicaragua (170K)
     USMC in World War I (337K)
     Old Gimlet Eye (22K)
     Smedley Butler on Military Intervention (6K)
     Opening Moves: The Marines Gear Up for War
     Outpost in the North Atlantic: Defense of Iceland
     History of USMC Operations in WWII, vol I
     Infamous Day: Marines at Pearl Harbor
     The Defense of Wake
     Marines in the Battle for Wake Island
     Wake Island: End of Combat
     Wake Island In Sight
     Marines at Midway  (text only version) (189K)
     Navajo Code Talkers
     First Offensive: Marine Campaign for Guadalcanal (28K)
     The Guadalcanal Campaign
     Marshall Islands Operations (169K)
     The Battle For Saipan (128K)
     Women's Reserve In WWII (247K)
     Marines In North China (83K)
     Marines in Lebanon (130K)
     Small Unit Action in Vietnam (317K)
     Civic Action Efforts in Vietnam (277K)
     USMC in the Persian Gulf  (text only version) (675K)

These items and much more can be found at The Marine Corps Research Center (MCRC)