Act of War

 Act of War

A Act of War Against the US
Tamarra Shepherd

The attack on the United States has left in it's wake a complete heart break,
anger and the feeling of Retribution in the largest scale against any nation.

This attack was unprovoked against innocent people. The loss of life has been
so great. There has never been a greater loss of life on One Day, let alone in
One Hour.

What these Terrorists did was a Clear and Unprecedented Act of WAR. This
Country will go to War for the wrong doing that was done to us.

I don't believe any True Citizen in the United States will be against us going
to War for retribution against this Act.

The Men and Women in the Armed Services will gladly fight, that is why they
joined the Military. They joined the Military to Protect and Serve. The whole
Purpose of the Military is to Protect the Land and People of the United States.

This act of terrorism will never be forgotten or forgiven.

Being the Wife of a United States Marine, I will stand behind and support my
husband at all times. I encourage other wives, husbands, parents and friends of
Military Personnel will also support and encourage the Service Member.

I hope that ALL the Citizens of the USA will stand behind the President with
the decision of War. I hope that ALL the Citizens USA will Support the
Military. I hope that everyone will be STRONG supporters of the President and

I will always stand behind my husband, The Marine Corps and The President. When
my husband is deployed, I will always support and stand behind him.

God Bless The United States of America.

Tami Shepherd

contributed by Tami Shepherd [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]