Hello, My name is Sheby, wife to USMC Sgt. I wrote this poem
during Operation Enduring Freedom, Thought now that I found
a place to share it, I would Thank you. I call it "Yellow Ribbon Time"


She sits there so quietly, recalling the day,
When a call on the phone took her husband away.

Two babies and her sat on the bed as they cried,
His face showing nothing but American pride.

Through duty he knew what had to be done,
as he tries to explain to his wife, daughter and son.

He tells them they knew this day it was near,
He'll take it with strength, showing no fear.

For him and all like him, they've awaited this day,
Families left back for lands far away.

For months now they've trained awaiting their turn,
Faces show hate, jaws now stearn.

Preparing to leave, rifles in hand,
To defend our freedom, on foreign sand.

Those cowards they came to our home one morn,
as thousands of innocent lives were torn.

They had not the courage to stand eye to eye,
They thought we would crumble through the tears we would cry.

A mistake there they made, a grave one at that,
We are a mightier nation, and it's our turn at bat.

Our boys dressed in gear will show them this much,
They may dent in our hearts, but our soul they can't touch.

For each man we will send, filled with anger and hate,
There are loved ones left back not knowing their fate.

They will think of the faces littered with ash,
from the buildings that fell and planes that did crash.

Every memory that wakes pushes them more,
To fight that much harder and return to our shore.

They will fight day and night, in holes to the end,
Their job our protectors, our home they defend.

Back home as we wait yellow ribbons we see,
tied on fences, and posts or the branch of a tree.

Just remember every bow tied just this way,
means awaiting a loved one to return here one day.

written by
Shelby L. Hensley