By Sheleen 02 August, 2003

You are my hero
You know that don’t you?
You are so brave
And strong of character
I admire everything about you
There is a mystery in you
I try to grasp just what that is
I fail
There is a selflessness in you
I look for it in myself
But I find it not
In you there is loyalty
And integrity
And the ability to carry out ‘duty’
To your fellow man
To your country
And to the world at large
How do you do that?
You are my hero
You have sacrificed so much
But you never see it that way
You don’t whine or complain or blame
Without hesitation
You answer
Without question
You accept
Without reservation
You give
It never ceases to amaze me
YOU never cease to amaze me
Do your men even know what they have in you?
And if they don’t, will they ever?
In my heart I know the answer
They don’t
And they won’t
Tis the nature of things
You are my hero
Men like you are the foundation stones that make our country great
It isn’t those who sit in marbled halls
I don’t imagine your name will be etched on granite walls
And you will never be saluted by another
If it’s any solace
Or comfort
I know
I know exactly who you are and what you’ve done
I know what you are doing
The ‘who’ you are will echo always
Down through the corridors of time
Yesterday was changed
Because of you
Today is different yet
Tomorrow is the future
And you will be there
As you always are
You are my hero