Where were you

I thought you guys might like this poem. My husband is on the USS Carl
Vinson and he wrote this when he was inspired by a song from Alan Jackson.
-=Where were you on that day?

Where were you when it all took place,
Standing at the mirror looking at your face,
Were you at home with your wife,
Or out back sharpening your knife,
No matter where you were at the time,
Don't forget the people sent to fight the crime,
We were in the ocean on that day,
Ready and willing to make them pay,
We wouldn't go down without a fight,
We even bombed them through the night,
We showed them we're the greater power,
And made them pay for the Twin Towers,
And we won't be satisfied until the job is done,
And the terrorists will pay for September 11,2001

My husband wanted everyone to see that and he wanted to dedicate it for all
the men and women aboard the USS Carl Vinson. His name is Chad Jones. I am
also in the navy so this poem hit me hard and brought tears to my eyes and I
thought maybe you and everybody else would like to see it.
Thank you, Tina Jones

contributed by Tina Jones [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]