The Ultimate Sacrifice of ONE is too many,
Soldiers of Army, Marine, Air Force, Coast Guard or Navy.
We bury our dead with flag covered caskets,
Salutes, firing shots and military death certificates.

The families grieve and so do our troops
As we offer 'one of our own' a final salute.
Flags fly at halfstaff for some held the highest,
The Nation remembers, some, in the slightest.

Here Military Families join hands, hearts and prayers
For we consider them all one death not just theirs
But ALL of us here share the grief and the sorrow,
For we all wonder, what about our tomorrow?

'One of our own' could be yours, could be mine.
They could knock on our door all dressed to the nine
In military dress finery, with the news we all dread,
"I'm sorry to tell you, your military loved one is dead."

Military Family, we stand Proudly Together as One.
We share the celebrations of many wars won.
Now we remain standing joined as our Heroes fight on.
Let's Honor Our Fallen Heroes, now and beyond.

The Ultimate Sacrifice is the highest of price.
Let's Pray loudly, UNITED, is the advice
I offer ALL families in Peacetime and War.
This HolyBear, framed certificate, is NOT an award.

It's a tribute presented with Thanks, Love, and Honor
For the Ultimate Sacrifice that took your loved one to Heaven.
We WILL NOT forget, take for granted, or dishonor
Your Family, Your Loved One,

Written by
Diane M. Weller, September 4, 2002.
With a heavy heart and a silent prayer.
God be with us all.