Mighty, Mighty Red, White, and Blue

I would like to send this poem to military wives and hopefully have it
posted on your site. I have no one in the military, so I have no idea
what inspired this poem.. I heard it in my head as a song for weeks, and
it would not let me rest until I wrote it down. Now, I am at a loss as
to what to do with it. I only hope that someone out there is touched by
it. The funniest thing is that I am not a writer, and do not even
consider myself very creative. Please let me know if you can use my
poem. I would just love to see it posted for others. Thank you
Bridgett Creel

Mighty, Mighty Red, White, and Blue

Red is for the blood shed for our country,
White is for your pure and selfless deeds,
Blue is how my heart feels since you left me,
Oh, the sacrifices made so we are free.

Mighty, mighty is the hand that guides you,
leading you across the desert of a foreign land,
just turn around and find me,
feel my heartbeat in the sand.

"United we stand, Divided we fall,"
But, I feel so alone... I'm not brave at all...
Red, white, and blue are the colors of my tears,
so fearful of the cost of your answer to the call.

But, mighty, mighty is the hand that guides you,
far away from me but close enough to hold me;
wrap your arms around the angel,
leading you across the desert on to victory.

The patriotic flags are waving proudly.
Yellow ribbons hang on every tree.
Your bravery is cherished above all else,
Oh, Honey, I just wish you were here to see.

Red is for the broken-hearted families,
White is for surrendered enemies,
Blue is for the oceans that divide us,
But, freedom from tyranny equals peace.

Mighty, mighty is the hand that guides you,
lifts you up to steer you in the storm.
Listen closely baby, as you hear my whispers,
desperate pleas my voice just cannot form.

At the twilight's last gleaming, protect our liberty,
then salute the hand that guides you and come home to me!
mighty, mighty is the pain I feel without you,
waiting, praying you won't be a name on a list of casualties.

Red, white, and blue stands for you,
mighty, mighty fighting US military warriors,
the deafening roar of the end of terrorism
heard around the world will be glorious!       

-bridgett creel