My Hero

My boyfriend is a Marine and is stationed in Okinawa, Japan.
I wrote this  poem about him. Thank you for posting it! He means
a lot to me and I hope this  poem can help express it.

My Hero

Arms of steel and a heart of gold
He smiles like an angel and loves from his soul

The protector, the friend, the angel, the strength
The lover, the fighter, the hero I'd say

He's not just a guy, a boy from the south
He's more than any girl could ever dream about

He's braver than any, and stronger as well
but nobody else knows him quite this well

I know how he thinks, and what he wants,
I can read his mind and feel his thoughts

I understand his eyes and feel his heart
And never will any miles keep us apart

My best friend, my true love, and all this I know
because the man I'm describing is my hero.