A Love Letter

My best friend, lover, Soul Mate and otherwise wonderful
husband wrote this the other day.  It is so special I wanted
to share it.

We were married August 30, 2003.  He has been on deployment
since Dec. 3, 2003. 

As you go through life people are always telling you to
dream and to work hard and you can have what ever you want,
to always follow your dreams. Sometimes you work your self
to the edge of death and yet your dreams can still elude

One day I dreamed of an angel that would some day come into
my life and make me feel like I had purpose and that I was
worth something.

This angel would be perfect and more than special. She would
be crafted from the finest materials that they had in
heaven. She would have a strong frame to hold me in times
that I was weak. She would be wrapped in the finest silk of
legend. She would have  a heart that is the very essence of
love and purity and would be bottomless in it's ability to
love. Her soul would be designed and hand crafted by God
himself. She would be more beautiful than any sun set or
rose ever see in the records of time. Her eyes would be of
the creamiest jade and would  radiate brighter than any star
in the night sky. Her touch would be magical and could cure
wounds, both emotional and physical.

So I walked the world and I began to think that dreams where
just something that came to you in the darkness of night,
until the day my angel found me.

It must be destiny that brought you to me. For now I realize
what true love is and what it means to be loved.

Amy Lynn you are my angel. You must be from the heaven's
above  because people as wonderful as you do not exist on
earth. You are more special to me than any poem or letter
can ever tell you.



submitted by "The Prouty's"