Memorial Day

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, as I sit, patiently waiting for my husband to return
from Greece, I want to remember those who have made that ultimate sacrifice
in the name of freedom and liberty for all.

Thousands of faceless names call out from the cold stone of this wall.
Names of the young boys who should have been our fathers and brothers..our
friends. The young men who so prouldy bore that uniform representing the stars
and stripes, our nation. Those who smiled so gallantly and waved goodbye to
friends and family, not knowing that never again would they walk upon their
homesoil, who never knew that they never would hold their loved ones in
their arms again. These were themen who went forth and were faces of hope
to countless numbers, who fought against communism. These were the people
who served us, loved us, honored us, and died for us. These faceless names
haunt these hallowed grounds, upon which their living feet never trod, but
who in death were represented on this wall of stone, whos names are forever
etched in this stone to serve as memorium to their lives cut short. For a
brief moment we are transported to another place and time. When these young
lives had yet to cease. To them, we were more than just friends, we were
the faces of America, home of the brave, land of the free. To know them was
an honor, to love them a privelege. Who are we? We are their wives, their
children, their families and friends. Now we stand before this wall,
remembering those precious souls who remain forever young, forever etched
into our memories as faces in uniforms going boldly off to a foreign land.
We are those left behind, by those lives cut short. Left to remember, the
blood shed in the name of freedom.

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