I wanted to let you know what a wonderful site you have. I love
reading the poems. I have a poem my fiancee' sent me from
Iraq that I would like to share. He has been over there for
almost a year now and soon will be returning home.
Thanks for allowing us all to share.


I have a special feeling
One that you must know
It starts from deep inside
>From my head down to my toe.

It is a thing of longing
Brought from up above
I've had it since I met you
It's a thing we know as Love.

I feel it wherever I go
It is so pure and true
Deeper than any ocean
That is my Love for you.

The miles may seperate us
I still feel you near
I see you smiling at me
The one I hold so dear.

I can't live without it
The Feeling I have is due
When I meet my maker
He'll snend me back to you

Steph...I know you miss me
I miss you so much too
But know I have this Feeling
The Feeling that
I'm in Love with you!

Written by: SFC Michael Gray
August 22, 2004