Poem for Will

I can't stop the tears as they stream down my face.
My mascara no longer held in its place.
One moment I'm fine, it's a sunny day,
Then the smallest thing happens and blows me away. 
A spilled cup of coffee, the car won't start
It brings my whole world to a crashing halt.

I try to stay busy and just make the best
But each breath without him is a stab in the chest.
He keeps me grounded, makes me feel complete
And the thought of him still makes my heart skip a beat.
He's the reason I want to be all that I can
Sadness disappears with just a touch of his hand.

He is the bravest man that I know
Each day that we're married my love for him grows.
I hate that he has to be worlds away
And I hate even more that he's somewhere not safe.
But my pride in his duty is so much greater
And I know I will see him sooner or later.

He represents to me all that is good.
If I could keep him here, I think that I would.
But I honor his duty and integrity
Though I know that it means lonely nights for me.
He fights and defends our dearest beliefs
And he never complains through all of the grief.
He's so strong and handsome in his uniform
I can't believe anyone would do him harm.

I thought it was hard to watch him pack
As I forced a smile and held my tears back.
That night it was hard to walk to the car
Knowing I'm taking my husband to war.
But, the hardest thing that I've had to do yet
Was to say goodbye as he boarded that jet.