When I look

My 15-year-old daughter wrote this poem to show support for our troops overseas.
She has been extremely upset by the antiwar protests and wanted to do something
to show that we care and support our family members, friends, and all coalition
forces who are making great sacrifices to free the people of Iraq and protect our
country from another 9/11. My husband is currently on a 1-year unaccompanied
tour in the Middle East.

When I look to the sky, such a beautiful blue
My mind is filled with the thoughts of you
You’re so far away, and stuck in a rut
Your country behind you, hostile fire in front.
Your family is waiting, your countrymen too
We are hoping, praying and crying for you.
As the sand rushes by you in fits of the storm
Of men and of tanks and of fury born
Remember the families you’re assisting to free
You’re a hero in all aspects, as all men should be.
We love you, and we miss you as you cross country lines
It does not go unnoticed when your risk your life every time.
Halfway across the world, the yellow ribbons will unite
We’re watching and waiting through day and through night.
So let God keep the watch and let angels be near you
We thank you, you soldiers in red, white and blue.
Ashley Larsen, daughter of MAJ Robert S. Larsen

Lori Larsen