To The Soldier I Love

 To The Soldier I Love

I met him as a solider
As a man of honor
Today he is my husband
And now he is also a father

I met a stern man set in his ways
Someone to not cross
Someone to obey
I met a man with his heart astray

Fate was already happening
It was just a matter of sacrifice
Two strong wills set to battle
Both will win in time with a price

My soldier knows no loss
He has won many battles
He serves his county proudly
He and his men all stand solid and soundly

I joined my soldiers side promising
To battle his battles
To stand by him and to be the one who hears
To hear his love, his sadness, his anger, and his fear

I am the backbone of this unit
I am the source of strength
I will hold everything together
We will survive this duties length

His girls are his world
They give him the strength to complete
What the Army demands
The strength to compete

He is my hero
He is my strength
He is my rock
He is my protector
He is the one who makes me complete

A time will come when there will be…
No battles to battle
No missions to complete
No demanding Army
Just him and me

I dedicate my love
I dedicate my life
I give me my soul
I will always be your loving wife

with love always to my Sgt. Tajirian

contributed by Jenifer [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.