The Fight for Love

The Fight for Love

there's a story i'd like to tell you
it has lots of twists and turns
its got trials and success
and a romance that burns

i started talking to this girl
from a thousand miles away
it started off slow
neither of us knew what to say

as time slowly past
our friendship got stronger
phone calls got more intense
letters got longer

we coundted down the days
till we'd finally meet
it seemes time was against us
to make our friendship complete

next thing i knew i was falling for this girl
from all those miles away
i told her i'd be there for her
i was dreaming of that day

when i could play a sweet slow jam
and hold her close to me
kiss her for the first time
and wonder could this be

could this be the girl of my dreams
that i've looked so hard for
is this a new feeling i have
or something i've felt before

all of these thoughts ringing through my head
wondering if this were real
or a scene from a childrens book i'd once read

i did not know how far this would go
but i knew how i felt
holding her for the first time
i thought i would melt

with all the drama and termoil
that surrounded us being together
we decided to tough it out
even through darkest of weather

and now we still have troubles
hiting us left and right
but no matter how hard the blow
we still have each other as we sleep tonight

From family members to friends
saying we should not be
no one seems to understand our love
how can we make them see

this feeling is something
that will not be left to die
this feeling is true love
something found in the sky

i know this to be true
because thats how it all began
one night looking at the stars
with a cell phone in my hand

wishing we were together
for a night of endless bliss
i wish i had you now
with the warmth of your sweet kiss

it seems we've been apart
longer than we've been together
but the miles can't seperate
our love for one another

you je;ped me to see a side of love
i've never had before
you opened up your arms
as i washed upon the shore

the world may reject us
our families may not agree
take away all of that
and whats left is you and me

my heart is yours baby girl
now and forever
nothing can hold us back
as long as we're together

we'll fight each battle standing side by side
confronting each rumor
we have nothing to hide

you left ohio to see me
wen things gor really tough
dealing with the future
the phone just wasn't enough

i'm thankful you came to see me
though you did steel the car
i knew you missed me baby
i never thought you drive so far

i saw you standing there
after you made the call
my heart skipped a beat
when i saw you standing in the hall

as i sleep tonight
i remember that day
having you in my arms again
without a word to say

we kissed and huged 
talked about your trip
wondering if you'd get cought
and how your dad would flip

after that its obvious
missing each other for so long
we rented a movie
then snuggled all night long

i dream of that as i sleep tonight
that you are here 
laying by my side
and consoling my every fear

si u jbiw that you are with me
as i am with you
i read the letters you write me
and look at your pictures too

there a lot i've been missing
but i will finish soon
just know we are together baby
looking at the same star and moon

Submitted by Jonathan Hammond