My love

My love
dedicated to Jason (my marine)

I wish you could be with me this Thanksgiving day.
But you got deployed, the marines took you away!
I thank God every day for making you mine,
husband and wife until the end of time.

You meet me every night
as soon as I turn out the light.
When I close my eyes
you're right there by my side.

You're in my head and in my heart,
Together forever we'll never part.
Yeah, deployments are rough
but we've been through enough.

It's never easy to say good bye
and you know that I always cry.
"see you later", is now what we say,
and in just a while you're again out of harm's way.

We were together before the marines
and we'll be together long after!

I love you!

Tracey Goodwin [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]