Necessary Separation

Necessary Separation

I watched as you left in November
To sail onto the sea.
I knew it was just as hard on you
As I watched you wave goodbye to me.

Until you left and that bus pulled out,
I could not shed one single tear.
Now you have been gone for 180 days
It has been half a year,

It feels like only yesterday.
I have kept myself so busy
Working at a pace that has kept me
Spinning until I was dizzy.

Now you are almost home
And I jsut can't believe
How long I thought I would have to miss you
As I waited for you to leave.

But now you are almost home my love
I think I've done really well
We have people to see when you are on leave
We have a truck to sell.

I thought six months would never pass
But they have flown because I knew
That you were my protector
And God was there for you.

There were times that I was worried,
I thought things would never end.
I knew you would be back to me
Because you are my best friend.

Borrowed from Kelly's Marine Wives Site
[http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/1717/]  with permission