Seasons of my heart

Hello, my name is Melissa and I wrote this poem for my
boyfriend Paolo while he is away in Iraq.  I love him and
I miss him so very much!!

Seasons of my heart

As the sweltering summer fades into fall,
leaves blaze into a fire of color,
As they dance wildly in the brisk morning,
the wind rips them swiftly from their home,
leaving the trees lonely and bare,
I cry,  yet I'm still happy,
because even as the seasons change,
My heart remains full of your love.

As the vibrant fall turns into winter,
flakes of snow swirl in the frozen air,
coating the earth with a blanket of beauty,
Icicles hang slick and harsh,
waiting for their inevitable decent,
I shiver, and yet I'm still warm
because even as the seasons change
My heart still burns for you.

As the silent winter melts into spring,
fresh drops of rain bring,
new life that spreads across the earth,
growing and chirping with renewed energy,
While hope grows with an unknown beauty,
I smile, yet I still cry,
because even as the seasons change,
My heart still misses you.

As the fresh spring blossoms into summer,
The smoldering sun bakes the soft earth,
inviting foaming waves to crash,
cooly against the burning sand,
leaving life yearning for dusk,
I dance and I dance again,
because even as the seasons change,
My heart is yours forever!!

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