June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


Proud Marine Wife

Proud Marine Wife

In the stillness of the darkened night
while lovers embrace by glorious moonlight
and my thoughts are as always focused on you
I think of our love so strong and true

A man who is generous, loving and kind
who gave me a love I never dreamt I'd find
The man who has totally stollen my heart
and for whom my love grows althought we're apart

I know my words could never describe
the way that I feel when I am by your side
The warmth that I feel in your tender embrace
or the touch of your breath upon my face

In my anger and frustration I don't often convey
all the beautiful feelings I wish I could say
How proud I am that you are my man
and by your side is where I wish to stand

To tell you how much I love being your wife
how happy I am to share your life
A love like ours can niether be touched or seen
and there has never been a prouder wife of a U.S. Marine

contributed by : name withheld at the request of the author