The Proposal

Here is a poem I wrote after taking a week off of my summer class to go see my boyfriend graduate from basic training.  This was my final speech for my speech class--a speech I gave the week I got back from Great Lakes.  We obviously got married and we have now been married for just over a year. 

Fellow Navy Wife,
Kristin M. Grubbs

The Proposal

Where to begin, oh, let's see, Here's a poem he wrote to me: 
"Dreams of grandeur, dreams of bliss, Lost and yearning for your kiss,
    Stuck in a world, no sky, no sun, Torn and separated from that one,
    Who matters, who cares, Forever I will always be there. 
    Never cruel, never cold, Heaven for my arms to hold,
    So now I wait and now I wonder, Wait for fury to come in thunder,
    But wait no longer for the sky, Nor to stop and wonder why,
    For this dream shall soon come true, Those golden days and nights cool blue,
    When these dreams shall stop, and life begins, That will never be the end." 

These words they lie and resonate, But still they do not compensate,
A surprise he said he had for me, I pondered what it had to be. 
Words are all I'd seen of him, Nine long weeks had done me in. 
My mind was gone, my heart was sore, I needed to see my man once more. 
Ignoring the fact, kept me sane, Or death I'd be from distance pain. 
Faith and patience now were mind, Only to grow more with time. 
Passing boot camp, success indeed, He finished his duty, finally freed. 
Sunday morning, my last with him, This liberty weekend soon would end. 
Arm in arm, upward bound, we traveled to Sears' towering crown. 
One-hundred three floors in the sky, Our hearts were higher than he and I. 
All so small and trivial, His heart with mine, he made me whole. 
I am so blessed, for my man and best friend, while others' search may never end. 
To the museum with curious eyes, I'd soon receive my mysterious surprise. 
Exploring history, walking and chatting, We had fun, learning and laughing. 
Leaving the museum, for an afternoon walk, We crossed the street and rove a block. 
The sun was out, a beautiful day, Slowly the clouds faded away. 
The lake supplied a cool soft breeze, That sang throughout the harmonious trees. 
At shores edge, the damp sand lay, The soft water scent, lingered astray. 
I know the secret, it was almost free, He knew I'd know when he wrote to me. 
The only surprise it had to be, Was a ring and proposal done properly. 
Next thing I know, he's down on one knee, Smiling and stating his passionate plea. 
Our families were gathered, to witness the scene, anxious and joyful, their eyes peeled clean. 
Only oneI saw, that moment, that day, And all I heard was one voice say...
"Kristin, will you marry me?" "Yes," I replied,"heck yeah, Baby!" 
Then he reached for my hand and pulled it out, a beautiful ring, loves symbol, no doubt. 
The diamond sparkled, and gleamed so sweet, My arms flung around him when he got to his feet. 
A dream no longer, of him and me, Together we'd be, forever so free. 
Now I see, his words were true, Of golden days and nights cool blue. 
Soon our life, will bring our love, An eternal gift from heaven abou
Blessed by my father here, and Holy one above, Our marriage will be pure and full of unconditional love. 
So now I anxiously anticipate, our molding of our life, Especially my transition, into being a Navy Wife. 

--May 15, 2001