Love is...

Love is...

love is a word we neglectfully throw around 
abusing its meaning, just to hear the sound 
but it is the definition I have honestly found 
when i felt it for you... 

your intruiging ability to recognize 
the presence of a soul behind these eyes 
makes us able to build unbreakable ties 
and open up our hearts... 

together vunrable to dreams we lay 
as drifting minds travel to memorable days 
dreading the time we will go our seperate ways 
you hold me tightly close... 

give a kiss with your lips so sweet 
like a cliche "you swept me off my feet" 
it is almost to perfect to repeat 
but please do it again... 

hair that falls brushing over my face 
is ever so gently swept back into place 
and oh how you do it with such a grace 
that i feel beautiful... 

the honesty of raw emotion 
gives me a forboding notion 
that our life together has been set in motion 
and we will always be... 

a uniqueness soddered from the two 
i am no longer me nor you are you 
we have forged together and created new 
you are a part of me... 

Jocelyn Panko