Combat Wife

 Combat Wife

Here we go again,
no sleep tonight.
You're in the jungle, on patrol,
in another firefight.

You talk of war, I hear your pain,
I'm trying to be strong.
But the tales you tell me in the dark
torment me all night long.

It all comes back so crystal clear,
you scream, you thrash, you turn.
You grip me in an iron hold,
I feel your body burn.

Broken bodies, tortured minds,
faces of the dead.
Friends who died before your eyes,
forever in your head.

Open your eyes, turn on the lights,
it's only you and me!
It's just a chair, no one's there,
How many did you see?

Lay back down, I'm with you now,
I'll share your ugly dreams.
I won't leave, I'm here to ease
the suffering that you've seen.

We have so much to overcome,
but I won't give up, not yet.
I've made my choice to understand
the things you can't forget.

contributed by ~Debbe
Reynolds~ [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.