My Marine

My Marine
Written by Julie H.
October 2003
Dedicated to PFC Jeremy H.

Every night, the man of my dreams goes home to another place.
He doesn't  sleep in a bed with me; I never even see his face.
He sends me letters from time to time, sometimes he'll even call.
The closest I ever am to him is the pictures on our wall.

To the average eye, this would seem disastrous, but to me it's part of life.
Cuz I knew what I was bargaining for when I became a Marine's wife.
Yes, it's a struggle, and yes, it is hard, but somehow I make it through.
Cuz being strong and independent is what I'm required to do.

He serves his country, and I am proud, these are not words of complaint.
His work, it has changed him into a man; values and morale he has gained.
Military life is crazy and hectic, these among many other things.
But I'll always stand by, to support him and love him...my husband, my Marine.

Julie H.