June 1, 2017
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The True Military Wife is Someone Who...

The True Military Wife is Someone Who...

  + Can put eight rooms of furniture into a five room apartment.  
  + Has twenty pairs of drapes and none of them fit the living room
  + Can emerge sane from a single room at the guest house after  spending
two weeks over the holidays with four kids who all have the  chickenpox.

  + Can in one week's time, pick up a house full of furniture, the  kids,
two dogs, a cat, three hamsters, a bird and six suitcases into a station
wagon, drive all the way cross country and still greet her husband with a
  + Can open and close bank accounts, establish credit at the local  phone,
utility and cable companies at the drop of a hat.
  + Begins to smile when she receives the phone call from her  husband
which begins with the words, "Honey, I've got good news and bad news."  
  + Is able to sell or rent a house at a moment's notice and move  half-way
across the world.
  + Can re-establish a home complete with post-war furniture and  only one
fourth of her household goods without batting an eye.
  + Doesn't even blink when she gets to Korea and finds out her  household
goods are in Georgia and she's received the boxes marked for storage.  
  + Can make a house into a home in less than three days.
  + Has all of her kids born in different states (she gets extra  points
for different countries).
  + Pull out her ID card when she goes to a civilian grocery store.  
  + Has the ability to find something faintly wrong when she sees  the same
doctor in the hospital twice in a row.
  + And is able to give comfort and encouragement to her children,  support
the local PTO, love her husband when he's home, laughter to the wives
organizations, and helpful hints of survival to new spouses who've just begun
  their military experience. Borrowed from the Black Knight
Wives HMM
264 (REIN) [http://www.angelfire.com/nc/BlackKnightWives/]