- Upon Deployment

The sadness of a heart alone
could never really comprehend
the "whys" and "hows" of life apart.
I walked around the pain inside,
and tried this view, or maybe that.
To try to call it 'normal life'
would never work; it never fit.
And then a still small voice within
said "sacrifice",
And then I knew.
For He does surely know the word-
For love He came,
For love He died.
For love requires sacrifice,
and does not really count the pain,
For gladness in the life that's gained.
(As mothers rising in the night
to tend a crying babe.)
Then suddenly it clicked for me,
And suddenly I understood-
the love, the loss: a sacrifice.
Sometimes there is no other way,
and 'normal life' cannot attain
the victory we have in mind.
So now I see, and now I know,
The cost of our lives is never free-
It still requires sacrifice.

But love can see the longer view,
and knows the gain beyond the pain.
And knows the life beyond the loss,
And looks ahead to greater things,
And greater still-
that only come through sacrifice.

- Marie Gamez, an Army wife

contributed by Marie Gamez [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]