The Call

The Call

There she sits, by the phone
Willing it to ring,
Needing to hear those words of love
She knows that call will bring.

The hours pass, but pass so slow
And still there is no call
From her love so far away
As the tears start to fall.

Once again, the day drags by
She knows it's part of life
Spending days and night alone
When you're a military wife.

He goes because it is his duty
To protect the freedom of this land
She prays that God will keep him
Safely in His hand.

She kisses her children, tucks them in bed
And watches them as they sleep
She never knew that loneliness
Could ever run so deep.

She's had no word for three long weeks
She doesn't know if he's OK
She knows there is but one thing to do
And that one thing is Pray.

God must have been listening
As she bowed her head just then,
Because the phone started ringing
As she whispered "Keep him safe, Amen."

Before he hangs up the phone
She whispers, "I love you".
Her heart soars with joy again
When he says "I love you too."

There she sits by the phone
Not wanting the call to end
But thankful for the chance
Her love to him to send.

No matter where they are
They are never far apart
It takes more than distance
To separate their hearts.

For they were joined in love
And they meant those words for life
That has a special meaning
When you're a military wife.

written by Laine Estep
Borrowed from the Black Knight Wives HMM
264 (REIN)