Poetry Missing You

Waiting in silence

Here is something I would like to be posted, I wrote it for my fiancee. If you think it is too graphic thats fine but its from the heart and its truthful.

Waiting in silence

The eyes were tired and the heart was worn,
The body was hungry and the mind was torn.
Bitten nails and clenched teeth,
A warm and aching feeling rising from underneath.
Thus the state of my position when you are not with me,
How can this extreme feeling of loneliness and sadness possibly be.
The one I gave my heart to and who refuses to give it back,
Leaves me yearning for you and its more than your body I lack,
I need your arms around me; I need you here with me,
To show me that this world isn't as horrible as it seems,
To tell me that it's okay to believe that something is meant to be.
That there is truth in love and in the romance of your words
With the love and passion that grows inside of me pushing onwards.
To reinstate and express every feeling, touch and promise told,
Before my eyes fill up with water and my lips turn cold.

You told me today that you would leave me,
Battle foreign lands, thousands away from me.
Away from my heart, my hugs, kisses and tears,
At least I know in my heart you won't be away from my prayers.
I miss you terribly and I curse the day you will leave me,
I can't stand this sorrow inside just killing me.
I don't want my heart life's in danger, I don't want my lover, my everything in danger.
So, broken with tears I'll watch you go,
Leave my side with a dozen kisses good bye
But I will be here when you return,
Waiting in silence and hopes because for you my heart burns.

Hey Baby

Hey Baby,
I miss you so much tonight,
I don't know if you know just how much you mean to me baby.
  And what I would give to be with you right now.
As I wake every morning
I know your are laying your head down to sleep,
I give you my borrowed moon and
I take your scorching sun.
I don't want you to ever worry and
not be able to sleep
for as you drift into slumber
be rested well, in the knowledge
that as you sleep soundly I am working hard.
I am working hard
to care for the precious gift you have given me.
I care for our girl
and our home all day,
and as the night creeps towards me once again
I know that the borrowed moon has returned
and that I will cry many tears.
How many?
I will cry as many as I need to
to pass the seconds
and the torturous minutes
that separate me from you...
 Everyday I wake up,
I care for our daughter,
I survive.
But when my love returns to me
 I will live again.
I will be reunited with my soul mate,
the man God designated as perfect for me.....
I love you baby...
Call me when you can

I miss

I miss

You have been gone for almost 6 months now,
And i miss you like crazy,
I miss cleaning up after you,
because you leave your uniform all over are apartment,
I miss how you would play your xbox,
and forget that i am even there,
I even miss the way you drive,
even though you always scared me,
I miss hearing the jeep pill up,
when your coming home from a long day at work,
But most of all,
I miss your laugh and being able to see you smile,
You mean the world to me and even though,
Your not at home right now,
my love for you continues to grow.

By Dianna carballosa

i wrote this for my husband to make him smile and to show him how much i love him!

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