Hello :)
I am a 35 year old, 15 year navy wife. Althoe my navy carrer started with my
father, If you add those I've logged in over thirty years of moving and
watching ships go out, and come back. I have been both navy brat and navy wife.
I wrote this poem for my father as a retirement gift.
De Lacy Smith

I stood on the peir, a girl of nine or so....
crying again as I watched you go.

At the time I hated the job you had...
it robbed me of you and all I wanted was my dad.

I would look out to the dark blue sea.....
scowel and scream, "please bring him back to me!"

"Six monthes is too long to be away......
he'll miss spring, Easter and cake from my birthday."

I didn't understand that i wasn't the only persone in the world..
and that you had to go, to keep the flag unfurled.

I didn't know that there were other people in other lands...
that wanted the U.S.A. in their hands.

But I'm no longer that little girl of nine.....
I'm smarter and wiser, I've learned a lot over time.

One thing I learned as I got older, it was your job that allowed me to be
to say the things i wish to speak, to stand up and be me, I now know the
meaning of the word free.

I'm proud of you and all you've done.......
I'll continue to brag about you, because on my list of hero's your still
number one.

But times have changed and you no loger float out to sea...
and I have childred that, because of you will know the word free.

And also know, I must try and explain........
why there daddy must go out to sea again...........and again.
Author, De Lacy Smith

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