-=A Girl Who Got The Bad News

Dedicated to
AS3 AW Harper Jeff

Jeff left on July 20, 2002

-=A Girl Who Got The Bad News

His six month cruise was almost done
He's almost home and in my arms
The countdown was getting smaller and smaller
Then out of no where
The bad news came
Possible extension
I prayed for days that his ship would not be the one to stay
Days passed and the decision was made
The USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN is staying out
My world crumbled
My heart ached
How much longer can they keep my sailor away
One month, two months, three months, four
I don't know
He does not know
Friends and family try to comfort me
But they simply don't understand the pain I'm feeling
All I want is to be with him again
Like it was before he left
I want to hug him
I want to kiss him
And now I must wait longer
Will this cruise ever end?
Please, let my sailor do what he was trained to do
Let him do what he has worked and strived for
And let him do it fast
Because I want my baby to come home safe and soon
The waiting is tearing me apart
But I will hold on
Hold on to the love between my sailor and I
Because I know he will return to me
But what I don't know is when
No matter how long he are gone
I'll wait and wait and wait
Jeff, I'll see you at the pier on that one special day
When the sea returns you to me

I love you!
Your baby girl,
Teresa Jackvony

contributed by Teresa Jackvony [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.