June 1, 2017
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Another Year

 Another Year

I wrote this poem, while thinking of my dear husband over seas whom I havent
seen in over a year, he left ONE WEEK to the day after we were married. I hope
you'll put it up on your site so that others may know that they arent the only
ones going through this...also if you have a part of your site dedicated to
other Navy Wive's web pages, could you add mine there the address is
Well here is that poem I'd like you to post.
~Nichole M. Defoe ~
Navy Wife....the TOUGHEST job in the Navy!!!

It has been a year,
Since I've last seen your smiling face.
Or felt the warmth,
Of your embrace.

When I awake,
Your eye's aren't on me.
Instead, my far away love,
They are looking at the open sea.

I love you and miss you,
Oh so much.
How much longer must I wait,
Until I feel your tender touch?

Day's drag by,
The months are slow.
My heart is acheing,
>From wanting you so.

Another year I must wait,
To feel your kiss upon my face.
Another day come's and goes.
My pain, noone else could ever know

~Nichole M. Defoe~

contributed by Nichole M. Defoe [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]