June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


The Sailors Wife

The Sailors Wife

I am jealous of her.
Beauty, mystery and power.
What a greedy lover she is.
You are not the first man she has beckoned.
Nor will you be the last.
As you are rocked to sleep on her bosom
I know you dream of me.
While you journey over her body
I know your heart is mine
She would devour you given the chance.
Your bones would lay in her belly
Yet her call you can not refuse.
While I long for your last port of call
I watch your vessel take you away
Leading you once again into her arms
praying that god will keep you safe
from this tempestuous lover.

Michal Suzette Meaders

Copyright ©2003 Michal Suzette Meaders