My Navy Man

My Navy Man

I married a Navy man.
And now he’s left me for a time,
To go and help fight a war.
You see, it’s his job to help keep this proud country safe.

My job is to stay here.
Be a mother.
Be a devoted wife to an absent husband.
Keep the fire burning at home,
So that he has something to come home to worth fighting for.
Worth living for.

It gets lonely sometimes.
For both of us, I know.
But how many people can say that they
Share their life with a hero?
For that is what he is.
To me,
To his children.
A hero to the people of this country
who live their lives blissfully unaware
that he even exists.
An unsung hero.

Oh, God!
Keep my man safe!
For I need a hero,
Not a martyr.

I’m so proud of him and what he does.
Who he is.
My man is a Sailor in the American Navy!

He’s going to help preserve your lives tonight,
While I’m sleeping alone.
So say a prayer for your hero.
For his safety.
And say one for me,
His wife.
Pray that I can keep this fire burning so bright
that he’ll be able to feel its warmth
half a world away.
Pray that it will lead him home.

I married a Navy man.
An unsung hero.
He’s gone for a little while,
But in the stories we’ve all heard
The hero always comes back to claim his woman.
So, I just have to do my job here for a bit longer
While he does his.

It’s my honor to tend our fire.

Jennifer White
January 16, 2004