He's finally home

He's finally home


I have been a military wife for 15 years and have seen my share of deployments.
As we are right now waiting for my sailor to get back home by the end of this
month, I wanted to express a little something for him. I sat down and wrote

He's finally home

It's time for us to say goodbye,
we see you go as we stand by.

We hold the tears and carry on,
our love for you will get us thru.

As days and weeks and months had passed,
it's time to be together at last.

We're getting ready, you are almost here
the day as come to have some cheers.

We stand in the flight line proud and tall,
MY sailor, our daddy is finally home!

Thank you for letting me share this with all of

Ibelize C. Rodriguez

contributed by Ibelize C. Rodriguez [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.