Grandma Married Her Marine

 Grandma Married Her Marine

Grandma married her marine
A very long time ago
My grandma married her marine
It was the Fourth of July
Just four days before she turned sixteen
So tall and strong he stood
On that hottest of summer day
Dressed in blues and red
Said his vows in the sincerest way
In a lovely suit and hat
With her hair flamed in red
This Irish lady smiles at him
And repeated what the preacher said
To start a life together
Was the dreamed she had prayed
This warrior in his uniform
And their love would never fade
Life proved to be hard
But always did she smile
She had her mighty warrior
Beside her every mile
The day did finally come
A marine goes to his LORD
Leaving behind his lady
His uniform and his sword
Yes tears filled her heart
And she waited many long years
The dream she now prayed
That he would one day wipe away her tears
That lovely day this spring
When new life has just begun
She heard the sound of marching
And knew her life was done
So she gently closed her eyes
He came to her dressed in blue and red
Her warrior in his uniform
Returned to lead her home, just like he said
Now as I look upon their picture
I thank the Lord for their sweet love
And always I will see them young and strong
Walking arm in arm in Heaven above
And I will always remember the day
Grandma married her marine

Vicki Rosanne Swift

contributed by Vicki Rosanne Swift [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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