Early to Rise

Early to Rise

It`s early to rise
there miles to run
he won`t stop
until the jobs done

He yells "Oo-rah"
and can march to a beat
you'll never be standing
if he's got a seat

Fear is a word
he has learned to forget
boot camp is a place
he will never reget

He's easy to spot
in a crowd
there will always
be girls all around

He'll give his last dollar
and the shrit off his back
if you are tried
he will even give you his rack

Nicknames? ha
he's got those to spare
leatherneck,Devil Dog
and jughead aren't rare

With a rifle he's deadly
He's always the best
give him a challenge
and he'll rise to the test

He's not in the Army
he perfers blue to green
he's not in the Air Force
He's a U.S. MARINE

"Dusty Young"