Giving Thanks

 Giving Thanks
It begain on November 10th 1775,
 Today it is still alive.
 They keep you safe every day and night,
 For their country they stand proud and fight.
 With out them you would live in fear,
 Wondering how long you will be here.
 It has now been 224 years,
 Because of them you still have no fears.
 For their country many lost their lives,
 They leave behind their family, their wives.
 I have shead many tears,
 Wondering why so few care.
 We should give thanks every day,
 To GOD for the Marine Corps way.
 Thanks for giving me my life,
 It's a honor to be a Marine wife.
 writen November 10,1999 

By Brandy DeVille  [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]