I wrote this poem about the long days, and the things I often see. I am deeply
in love with my Marine, and I hope one day he will see this and know exactly
how I feel.. Though words can barely explain.

Staring off into space, I can see your lovely face.
Though at times, you seem a lifetime away.
I can see the love in your eyes, and hear the gentle of your hearbeat.
I can feel the brush of your lips on mine in a sweet soft kiss.
I can feel your gentle touch as you run your fingers through my hair.

I can tell you are slipping away
Going back to where for now,
you must stay.
You take care of Uncle Sam
The way a Mother takes her Childs hand.
You are my Marine.

And the day goes on and on,
Until the next daydream comes along.

Written on July, 2, 2001
Kacy Christian

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