The Cost of Freedom

   The Cost of Freedom

The tan and brown cover them in camouflage you see
@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;to hide them in the sand and bring them home safely.

Their families await on bended knee
@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;and hope for a phone call or letter at lest.

While there is pain in their backs and sweat on their brow
@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;they don't care for freedom is now.

A new mother alone rocks their baby to sleep,
@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp; wondering if her soldiers alright and if he's had enough to eat.

Freedom from bondage the people there scream. 
@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;So many of them used to be fighting for the other team.

A new bride buries her face in the sheets trying to smell him or envision him at least.

They race to their barracks more ammunition they need. 
@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;Iraq take caution for America's in the lead.

The few the proud, the strong the brave,
@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;@nbsp;we do it all in freedoms name...the Army Family

an original by:
Carrie Hobbs