-=The Deployed Marine

Bj &Cindy,
My wonderful husband wrote this poem for me this weekend. I was so touched by
it, and wanted to share it with you. My husband has given you permission to
post it on your website if you would like to do so. Your site means so much to
me, and it gives me motivation when I need a boost.
Thank you!
Semper Fi!
Tricia Shaeffer
-=The Deployed Marine

No words to describe the pain of the sorrow,
Nor the rush and excitement of what is to become of tomorrow.

A whole New World, a whole new life,
He lies in his bed, thoughts only of his wife.

Visions of unseen places, and learning new skills,
While she is home alone, stressing over bills.

With only 10 days down, and 165 to go,
Wishing he could hold close, the one that he loves so.

For she is his motivation, she shows little fear,
Looking out for his well being, so strong, not a tear.

"I will be here waiting." He heard her say,
As he started to cry, that dreadful departure day.

They drove their separate ways, what more could he do,
To ease the pain, in her heart so true?

So here he lies now, covered up, and rarely seen,
Thanking God he is not the wife, of a U.S. Marine

To my wonderful and loving wife-
Patricia L. Shaeffer

contributed by Trish Shaeffer [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]