Don't MESS with the Marines

One day Mrs. Smith gave her class a homework assignment for the next day.
She asked that they all think of a story that they know of that has a moral
to it. They were told to be prepared to tell the story in class the next
day. The next day she asked the class for a show of hands as to who wanted
to tell their story.

Mary was chosen first, and she said, "We live on a farm and have laying
hens, we sell the eggs in town on Saturday's. I gathered the eggs in my
basket to take to town and put the basket in the back of the pickup truck.
On the way to town, we hit a big bump and the basket flew out of the back
of the truck and all the eggs got smashed." Mrs. Smith asked, "What is the
moral of that story Mary?" Mary said, "Don't put all your eggs in one

Next Mrs. Smith picked Peggy. She said, "We live on a farm too and we raise
chickens. We had 50 eggs in our incubator and calculated how much they will
be worth. Well, only 40 of them hatched." Mrs. Smith asked, "What is the
moral of that story Peggy?" Peggy said, "Don't count your chickens before
their hatched!"

Next Mrs. Smith picked Johnny. Johnny said, "My Uncle Bill was a Marine
pilot during the war in Vietnam, one day his plane got hit by a missile and
was going down. Uncle Ted grabbed a case of beer, a machine gun and a
machete and bailed out. On the way down he drank the whole case of beer. As
luck would have it he landed in a field and was surrounded by 100 Viet cong
soldiers. He started shooting his machine gun and killed 70 of them before
he ran out of ammunition. Then he grabbed the machete and killed 20 more
before the machete blade broke. He then killed the last 10 with his bare

Oh my God exclaimed Mrs. Smith, what could the moral of that story possibly
be? Johnny said, "The moral of that story is...

Don't MESS with the Marines after you shoot at them and let them start