June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


my take on being a Marine's wife

my take on being a Marine's wife

I may not have been a military wife for very long, only a few months and I am
sure there are wives out there with more expereince than me, but I have learned
quite a bit, and thought that I would share with you what i have learned so
far. I am not sure if you have any kind of use for things like this, but feel
free to use it if you can!

     Our husbands may be "the few and the proud" but we are the Fewer and the
Prouder, any married Marine will tell you that!! We can adapt and overcome with
the best of them, and do it in heels with a baby on our hip. It is rare to find
someone who has the qualities it takes to be a good Marine, and it is even
rarer to find someone who has the qualities it takes to be a good Marine
Wife!!! (why do you think there are so many Marine ex-wives!?!)
     Marines do not come with instruction manuals, there is no Wifey boot camp,
we learn as we go, from our own experiences and the mistakes of others. we
learn how to sew on name tapes, get the oil changed, and shine a boot, how to
make the perfect care package, make even the most BORING day sound thrilling in
a letter and pack a seabag with 2 hours notice of deployment.
     We know how to keep mother in laws at ease and babies fed, questions
answered and tears dried. We pay the bills and feed the dog, those of us who
would NEVER have gone outside if there was a moth on the porch learn to squash
bugs, and set mouse traps. We get it all done in time to have a "Welcome Home"
banner signed by 50 of his closest friends hanging on the front porch beside a
cooler of beer and his favorite food, when he gets home.
    We are the ones who EVERYONE comes to for answers; father in laws,
brothers, kids, nieces, single Marines, other wives, and of course worried
moms. We do not get medals or military accolades, but that is okay. We took an
oath for a different kind of service to our country when we married our
Marines. We did it willingly, out of love for our husband, the Corps and our
country, and we do it all with big yellow bow on our mailbox, a flag in our
hand and a smile on our faces.
We are all very lucky to have the men we have and i think they are all very
lucky to have such wonderful women supporting them. Semper Fi!!

God Bless America and all who defend her!!!!
Becca Scott Reynolds (the very proud wife of Sgt. James L. Reynolds USMC)