Green and gold are the colors you wear, and in my heart the burdens I bare.
Holding you close as the time races by, and as you leave watching my world
slowly die.

Miles away seen farther than the moon, praying it will be over soon.
My eyes have never cried so many tears, my life never been so full of fears.
I reach for you and a voice is all I hear telling me your love is always near.

It's hard to remember what all this is for when all I can wish for is you at my
But here I wait always by your side, looking at you with a heart full of pride.
You are of few that suffer for all, keeping our colors standing tall.

Once and Always a Marine till you die...
Words we live by Semper Fi.

To my love Lcpl. Negron. I miss you Baby!!

contributed by Autumn Negron [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]