A very proud wife

Standing guard at fire watch,
a question come to me,
What is it really like,
To be a United States Marine?

Is it fighting wars,
and doing tours,
or being lean and mean,
Or doing great things the world has never seen?

Is being a Marine worth twelve weeks of hell,
Learning honor, courage , commitment,
to the world I could not tell

It's something you must go through,
finding out how wars are fought,
transforming from a boy to a man,
being mentor and not taught,
becoming a band of brothers.

Tighter than a doctors stitch,
with motivation and discipline,
we must learn not to flinch,
maybe this did answer,
"what is it to be a Marine"
because across that parade deck,
we'll be the Proudest ones seen".

From Platoon 1064 PI, SC Aug. 1998 to Senior DI SSGT OWEN

contributed by Charles Owen
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