A Marines Wife

I Have A Written A Poem I Would Like To Submit.

A Marines Wife ( 1999)
This Poem I Write For You My Friend
The Wife Of A Marine.
You Stand Beside Him
Brave And Strong, But Seldom Ever Seen.
You Wear No Cover On Your Head
No Medals On Your Chest.
He Makes A Pledge To Give His All
You Pledge To Do Your Best.
He Goes Away To Serve Us Well,
You Are Left Behind,
To Fight The Wars Of Everyday
A Living Hell Sometimes.
The Kids, The Bills, The Sickness
And The Crying In The Night.
You Pray That Soon This All Will End
But You Don't Give Up The Fight.
He Comes Back Home A Hero,
In His Eyes There's A Special Gleam
But The Wars You Fought While He Was Gone
Makes You A True Marine.

Dedicated To The Wives Of Every Marine Who
Fought To Make This Country What It Is Today.

Ellie Jeanette
627 County Route 17
Russell, Ny. 13684

contributed by Ellie Jeanette [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]