A Marine's wife's story

It's strange to think how much has happened since September 11th. I'm not even
talking about just what's been going on in the news but what's been going on
with me. I knew my husband was deploying for 6 months in January and I wasn't
quite sure what I wanted to do with that time. I knew to definitely keep busy
but I wasn't sure what to spend that time doing. It must have come to a shock
to him when I told him that I wanted to enlist as a reservist. After a long
talk about it we agreed that it would be a good step for me. Before I knew it I
was talking to a recruiter and signing the next 6 years of my life away
(positive way of looking at it, right?).

Everything was going as planned, I was scheduled to leave the 22nd of April and
he was supposed to get back about a week before my graduation. Everything went
well, when my husband comes home with some news. With everything going on he
had to deploy a month and a half early. Just learning about this I only had a
little less than 3 weeks to spend my time with him. It devastated me. I wasn't
mad at him or the corps but I just felt a great deal of sadness in my heart.
Deployment was coming up right before my very eyes. Here I thought that I would
at least enjoy the holidays, but not anymore. He had just 18 days to spend at
home with me.

Before I knew it Dec. 1st had come...the day I dreaded. Standing on the boat,
looking into my husband's eyes, it was the hardest thing for me....letting go.
I noticed his eyes watering up. At this point I knew this wasn't just going to
be a 6 month deployment, but a 7.5 month separation. I couldn't help but
cry...the last hug, the last kiss is what I remember most. Looking up at him
while standing on the pier I knew that this was it...until I saw him again in
July. I felt the tears stream down my face. Just 230 days til I can see my
husband is what I told myself. I took a deep breath looked up and all I could
think was how I couldn't love anyone more. My husband is standing up on that
ship and making a difference in the world. Thoughts ran through my head
quickly. Standing there I felt prouder than every to be his wife. Fighting for
freedom, defending our country, and making my home a safe place is what he has
done for me. I feel so proud of him. He's definitely my knight...in green

It's been 4.5 months now. I go to bootcamp in 10 days. Am I ready? I've
prepared myself as much as I can. I've memorized my general orders, briefly
gone through the corps history, and stayed in shape. My story is not quite
over, but I know that once I earn the eagle, globe, and anchor I will make my
husband proud. I just have 98 days left til I graduate. I've got butterflies in
my stomach not just for bootcamp (a lot is because of that however), but also
knowing that once it's over, I'll see my husband again. He'll be back home 6
weeks into my training, but knowing that he'll see me graduate is something I
look forward to. I can't wait for it all...the first sight, the first kiss, the
first hug I'll share with him.

I am like many marine wives. I wait for my husband, maintain the household
while he's gone, wait some more, and love him. When he gets back though I will
be a marine's wife...in cammies. OOH RAH!

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