Marine Husband

Marine Husband
by Ciara Ada
He hears you cry over the phone,
Hears the sorrow and pain in your tone
You miss him so bad
But he knows.
You bravely swallow your fears
And quietly wipe away the tears
Yet you're still dying inside
But he knows.
Then you tell him it's okay
That you'll see him again someday
You just hate to be apart
But he knows.
Your struggle is great and the pain immense
Your inner war is epic and the battles intense
All you want is him
But he knows.
The pain and the sorrow
The loneliness and tears
The frustration of waiting
The numerous fears
He knows what it is like
He understands it very well
He knows all the feelings
He knows all the thoughts
But he wants you to know
That no matter what
No matter where you are
No matter how near
Or how very far
He loves you
And he understands above all
The things you go through
Because, although he won't show it
So you won't always know it,
He goes through all of it too...