A Marine love at first sight

From the moment that I looked into your eyes, I saw everything we would
share. The only problem is that I didn't see everything we would have to go
through. We shared those precious moments that were the best of my life. I
wish now that I hadn't taken them for granted. You brought me so much
happiness and so much pride. I wore the title of being a marine girlfriend
as such an honor. Writing to you everyday at boot camp seemed so easy
because my feelings just poured out into the letters. The day I saw you
graduate was the proudest day of my life. But, I was so shocked when you
came home. How much you changed in just a short amount of time. It feels as
though you won't open up to me. Why won't you open your heart like before.
Don't you understand that I am in this with you. The minute you signed up,
so did I. Believe me, I am NOT going to leave. I will wait forever, if that
is what it takes for us to be together.

Now we have made it through so many months, but we have many more years to
endure. One thing has not changed. I still love you the same and still feel
the same. However far apart that we are, I love you even more. I know that
times have been hard on us both, but don't give up, because I am "right
here waiting for you."
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