I wrote this poem for my husband. He served in the Marine corps for 10 years and was frequently away from home but never from my heart or  the hearts of our three girls. He is an example to them and to me of what a brave and selfless person a Marine is.

Stacy Boes

He rises before the sun
He keeps a watchful eye,
Often pushed beyond the limits
He never questions why?
The answer is in the many faces
He sees each and everyday,
It's freedom that he protects
It will never be taken away.
He rarely receives a passing glance
This angel defends our way of life,
Fighting here or on foreign land
Often with great sacrifice.
His halo is a helmet
He has combat boots for wings,
His rifle is his trumpet
The cadence of freedom he sings.
His honor is unmistakable
His bravery will never part,
His pride resonates from within
His courage comes from the heart.
He belongs to a sacred brotherhood
The EGA is his family crest,
Always Faithful till the end
He is the best of the best.
As the bell of freedom rings
He is fighting for me and for you,
He is a United States Marine
Preserving, forever, the red, white, and blue.