To Love a Marine

To Love a Marine

Unknown to each other,
We grew up,
Me from one state, you from another.

Yet things weren't as different as could be.
We both adored open spaces
And yearned to leave the crowded city.

So after graduation
We packed our bags
To experience Nature's celebration.

The Land of the Midnight Sun
Was land of our education,
Heartaches, adventures, and fun.

The very first moment that I saw you
I knew you weren't like the rest.
I realized I needed somebody new.

Then we were only eighteen.
- It took us a while.
But we found a love never before seen.

We hugged and kissed.
And before we knew it
Neither of us could resist.

You bought me a ring.
And in Colorado,
You made my heart sing.

You were so nervous when asking the question.
Of course I gladly said Yes,
Oblivious of the future affliction.

You said you wanted to be a Marine.
I could not believe my ears.
Out the door went my life of serene.

I was not used to the military.
I never gave it much thought.
Now it's my life and it won't let me tarry.

A few months later, before I knew it
You left for OCS
And my heart took a big hit.

I'm left alone in this quiet cabin
to live the everday life
without you- How could this happen?

This is only the beginning.
You'll be gone much more.
In my heart, reality is sinking.

I'm new at this.
It's going to be hard.
You're too easy to miss.

But for you I'm full of pride.
I could love no one more.
I will always be at your side.

I truly admire your determination,
Courage, and Motivation.

Our life will be full of strife
But for you,
I'll be a proud Marine wife.

Cassandra Johns

This is dedicated to my ever loving and wonderful fiance,
Matthew Taylor. I wrote it as I was waiting for him to come
home from Officer Candidates School- the first time we
were ever apart.