A United States Marine

 A United States Marine
He stands ready, alert and tense
A symbol of our national defense
He wears the uniform, tattered and gree
Always proud to be A United States Marine
He lives in foxholes; eats out of cans
and clutches his rifle with grimy hands
His eyes are cold, with an icy stare,
In the uniform he's so proud to wear

He fought at Iwo; Guam and Wake,
when his Country's security was at stake
And in Korea, on "Pork Chop" Hill, he learned to
fight with a wroght iron will

Beads of sweat grace his brow
There is stubble on his chin
As he pushes onward up the hill, fighting had to win

With endless courage that never seems to sag
He's always ready to defend our Country's flag

His goal is tough and though he's been known to utter gripes
This Marine is always ready to defend the stars and stripes

For you see, This man who wears the uniform,
Though it may be tattered and green,
He's damn proud to be called, "A United States Marine"
Contributed on 23 July 1998 by Robyn Casteel